Future of Maternal Care Summit Agenda

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Conference Day 1

  • Wednesday, January 25th 2023
Wednesday, January 25th 2023
8:00am PT

Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00am PT

Chairs Opening Remarks

Kimberly Seals Allers, Founder, Irth App

9:10am PT

Keynote Presentation: The Maternal Health Crisis – Why Maternal Care Must Be Established as a Healthcare Priority

There is a Maternal Healthcare Crisis in the US, with estimates that women today are twice as likely to die during pregnancy than the previous generation. For Black, Hispanic and Indigenous Mothers this risk is even higher, with the rates of Maternal Morbidity shown to be 2-3 times greater than in White Mothers. With the recent overturning of Roe Vs. Wade and abortion bans, these disparities are set to become even harder to overcome. How can we ensure therefore that all stakeholder groups are on board to establish Maternal Care as a Healthcare Priority?

Neel Shah, Chief Medical Officer, Maven Clinic

9:35am PT

Panel Discussion hosted by Heluna Health: Striving for Birth Equity: Community-Based Models of Success in California 

Moderator: Nwando Anyaoku, Chief Health Equity Officer, Providence/Swedish 

Zea Malawa, Founder and Physician Director, Expecting Justice (Abundant Birth Project)
Marna Armstead, Doula and Executive Director, SisterWeb Doula Collective 
Toncé Jackson, Co-Founder of CinnaMoms & Senior Health Equity Manager at Heluna Health WIC

9:45am PT

Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

Empowerment – Meeting The Mother Where They’re At 

10:40am PT

Case Study: Re-Centralizing Mothers in their Perinatal Care

Re-centralizing the Mother and involving them in shared decision-making around their care.

Lauren Elliott, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Candlelit Therapy, Inc

11:05am PT

Panel Discussion: How Can The Maternal Care Industry Encompass Holistic Approaches to Care to Ensure Mothers are Wholly Supported? 

Holistic Care and more Integrated Care Models may help provide higher quality, more personalized and convenient care for the Mother. How can this more whole-person approach to care improve Maternal health outcomes?

  • What does empowerment look like for different demographics?
  • How can we integrate Mental Health Support both prenatally and postnatally?
  • How can healthcare systems re-centralize the patient in their treatment and offer decision making opportunities for them?
  • What gaps currently exist in provider understanding & education of maternal health and how can we strategize to bridge these gaps?

Zainab Sulaiman, Vice President of Impact & Advocacy, HealthConnect One
Kay Matthews, Founder, Shades of Blue Project
Lilly Alexander, Partnerships and Business Development, Corporate Development, Anthem
Melanie Silverman, President & Chief Clinical Officer, Pacify
Liz Miracle, Head of Clinical Quality & Talent, Origin

12:10pm PT

HeraMED Presentation

Details TBC

12:30pm PT

Lunch & Networking

Diving Deeper Into Health Inequality in Maternal Care

1:45pm PT

Presentation: Prioritizing Black Maternal Care

The rates for Maternal Mortality for Black Women is Over Double the National Average for Maternal Mortality. This presentation will outline what steps must be taken to ensure Black Maternal Care is addressed and recognised a priority in Healthcare Systems.

Layo George, Founder & CEO, Wolomi

2:10pm PT

Case Study: Addressing Data Gaps in Maternal Healthcare

Kimberly Seals Allers, Founder, Irth App

2:35pm PT

Panel Discussion with Lengthened Q&A: What Steps Do Different Stakeholder Groups Need to Take to Ensure The Future of Maternal Care is Bright Across All Demographics?

The Maternal Health Crisis requires engagement from all stakeholder groups to tackle the high rates of maternal mortality and poor maternal health outcomes. What are the current challenges associated with providing high quality maternal care across all demographics, and how can all stakeholder groups strategize and have methodologies to address these issues?

  • What are the current challenges in providing accessible and high quality perinatal care?
  • How can all stakeholder groups strategize to address increasing maternal mortality rates, especially in demographics where these rates are heightened?
  • How can population health data and public health knowledge be integrated into healthcare systems to help improve maternal health outcomes?
  • How can digital platforms and technology be used as a tool to achieve health equity?

Crystal Tyler, Chief Health Officer, Rhia Ventures
Jin Lee, Director of Digital Health, Rx+ (Global), Astellas Pharma Inc.
Ericka Gibson, Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente  Medical Center
Andrea Winter, Senior Director, Women’s & Children’s Strategy, HealthPartners
Angela Glyder, Vice President of Clinical Operations, Lucina 

Lucina Health announces partnership with Trusted Health Plan

3:15pm PT

Afternoon Break and Refreshments

Investing in the Future of Maternal Care

3:45 pm PT

Panel Discussion with Lengthened Q&A: How do We Break Through the Bottleneck to Increase Investment in Maternal Health?

This investor-focused panel will offer an opportunity for Maternal Health Companies to hear from top healthcare investors on how best to secure investment.

  • What key piece of information would each investor panelist give to Maternal Health companies looking to secure investment? 
  • What tend to be the most common barriers that prevent investors from investing in Maternal Health companies?
  • What motivates an investor to invest in Maternal Health companies? 
  • What does the future look like for Maternal Healthcare Investment?

Emily Zhen, Venture Capital Investor, New Enterprise Associates
Becca Shmukler, Principal, Laerdal Million Lives Fund
Alice Zheng, Principal, RH Capital
Jessica Karr, General Partner, Coyote Ventures

4:25pm PT

Shark Tank Pitches – Maternal Health Start-Up Companies Pitch to A Panel of Investors

In this Shark Tank Session, Maternal Healthcare Start-Up Companies will pitch for 10 minutes each to a panel of investors with feedback provided to them post-event. Expect to hear from the newest Start-Ups in Maternal Care at a variety of funding stages. 

 P.s. we will be running a competition for the 2 remaining Start-Up Slots – watch this space!


Moderator: Danika Fry, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Neil Ray, CEO & Founder, Raydiant Oximetry
Carli Sapir, General Partner, Amboy Street Ventures
Linda Greub, General Partner, Avestria Ventures
Emily Zhen, Venture Capital Investor, New Enterprise Associates

4:55pm PT

Panel Discussion: Reimbursement in Maternal Care

The role of Payers in the Future of Maternal Care cannot be understated. This panel will discuss the current strategies Payers have in place to tackle the Maternal Health Crisis, and what further steps Payers can take to ensure Maternal Health outcomes are improved.

  • What current strategies do Payers have in place to improve Health Equity in Maternal Care? 
  • What can Payers learn from Providers and Maternal Health companies about how best to innovate within Maternal Health?
  • How are Payers investing in more personalized, accessible and high quality Maternal Care?

Leah Sparks, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Wildflower Health
Jill Davis, Director, Disease Case Management & Clinical Education, HealthPartners
Bethany Corbin, Femtech Practice Lead and Senior Counsel, Nixon Gwilt Law 
Pooja Mittal
, Chief Health Equity Officer, Health Net
Speaker TBC, Quilted Health

Care Team | Quilted Health

5:35pm PT

Chair’s Closing Remarks

Kimberly Seals Allers, Founder, Irth App

5:40pm PT

Close of Day 1 of The Future of Maternal Care Summit

Conference Day 2

  • Thursday, January 26th 2023
Thursday, January 26th 2023
8:00am PT

Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00am PT

Chairs Opening Remarks

Kimberly Seals Allers, Founder, Irth App

Looking Top Down – Governmental Initiatives on Maternal Care

9:10am PT

Presentation: Past, Present & Future: Policy and its Crucial Role in Maternal Care

Kathryn Crosby, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Virginia Department of Health

9:35am PT

Panel Discussion: How can Policy Makers Prioritize Maternal Care in the Future?

Policy makers play an undeniably crucial role in driving innovation and improved outcomes within Maternal Care. With the recent overturning of Roe Vs Wade, how are policy makers going to address the increased demand in maternal care and tackle the Maternal Health crisis?

  • How can policy makers step in to create financial incentives for clinicians that will improve maternal care and prevent unnecessary treatments having to be given?
  • How can policy makers invest in culturally appropriate maternal care?
  • What will be the effects of not focusing on improving Maternal Health, not just to the Mother but to the family, community and nation?
  • What policies are currently in place to tackle the Maternal health Crisis, how successful are these proving and will new policies need to be put in place to tackle the Maternal Health Crisis?

Kathryn Crosby, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Virginia Department of Health
Linda Genen, Chief Medical Officer, ProgenyHealth
Liuba Grechen Shirley, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Vote Mama Foundation
Flojaune Cofer
, Senior Director of Policy, Public Health Advocates




10:10am PT

The Gold Standard of Care for Birthing People: Re-centering on the Midwifery Model

Elle Schnetzler, Chief Clinical Officer, Quilted Health

10:35am PT

Morning Break, Refreshments & Networking

Future Innovations in Maternal Care

11:15am PT

Lightening Talk Case Studies: Maternal Care Technology & Improved Maternal Health Outcomes 

11:15am PT: Case Study 1: Juan Pablo Segura, Co-founder and President, BabyScripts

11:30am PT: Case Study 1: Alyssa Dietz, Senior Director, Precision Care Strategy, Twill 

11:45am PT: Case Study 2: Olga Kokshagina, Co-Founder, Ninti

12:00pm PT

Panel Discussion: How Can Innovation in Virtual Care & Technology Change the Course for Maternal Care?

Virtual Care and healthcare technology offer an opportunity to tackle many of the problems within Maternal Care. Integration of these healthcare approaches could solve a wealth of problems such as enabling equitable access to care, providing more holistic care, improving problems with patient engagement and enabling the shift of healthcare to a value-based model. This panel will discuss these technological and virtual innovations and their role in ensuring the Future of Maternal Care is bright for all. 

  • How can provider systems, policy makers, pharma and payers make use of the recent advances in technology to propel improvement in Maternal Health Care outcomes? 
  • How can Virtual Maternal Care address the healthcare needs of individuals from traditionally underserved populations?
  • How can technology be used to help evaluate effective strategies in Maternal Care? 
  • What groups are at risk of being left out of Virtual Maternal Care and how can we innovate around these populations?
  • How much are provider systems utilizing virtual care for Maternal Health, how can ensure Virtual Care is better implemented into healthcare systems?

Layo George, Founder & CEO, Wolomi
Chris Wasden, Chief Strategy Officer, Twill
Eric Dy, Founder & CEO, Bloomlife
Crystal Adesanya, Founder & CEO, Kiira Health
Kari Carlson, Medical Director, Permanente Medical Group

12:45pm PT

Chairs Closing Remarks

Kimberly Seals Allers, Founder, Irth App

12:50pm PT

End of The Future of Maternal Care Summit

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